The Back Story, or The Diagnosis

Back Pain

Welcome to my Blog! Hopefully you enjoy your time here, it is definitely my goal to make my blog inspiring, rather than depressing, so I can start thinking about my life in inspiring, rather than depressing, terms. It may be an old and un-flashy method of growing, but I still think that I need to change my thoughts and perspective before I can change my life or lifestyle. Enough of that for now, I would like to introduce you to the last couple of years of my life and in turn parts of me.

To set the stage, I went to college for two years right out of high school, and then to university for another three years full-time and another two years as a part-time student. So I was 23 and looking for a job, any job, so that I could pay off my massive school loans, or at least start behaving like a responsible adult with financial goals instead of a poor student. So I took a job as a manager of a pharmacy, thinking I would spend approximately two years here to help finance my boyfriends Master’s Degree. This was in June 2009.

Things were going well at work, even through the busiest time, Christmas! As managers we are expected to work until the job was finished. I agree with this philosophy in ethic, however no one can complete a 16 hour task in one day. I believe I have a strong work ethics, I do work to the best of my ability and agree that it should always be this way. However there comes a time when you are simply overworked. We were assigned a new regional director for our area and that is when my job, which I was never thrilled with but was good at, became increasingly demanding. He set a mandate stating that all stores were to have full management coverage, open to close. Our location was opened 9-9 seven days a week. Our work hours increased from a  heavy forty hours a week to upwards of fifty! Needless to say, this was physically and mentally exhausting.

Then the injury happened…

I carried a box with six bottles of bleach in it up a flight of stair and set in on the ground, something I had done a thousand times, but this time I immediately felt a blossoming, burning pain spreading through my lower back and travelling down my left leg. In tears I made it through the last couple of hours of my shift and I even made it back to work in the morning to open the store. But I couldn’t stop crying so I called in the other manager and my doctor to set up an appointment with her for that afternoon. I had x-rays done and she requisitioned a MRI, as well as providing me with some pain killers and muscle relaxants. When the MRI results came back, I was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis , spinal stenosis, two herniated discs and nerve root irritation. My doctor recommended taking the conservative treatment route that involved going to physio and participating in a pain management plan, and I completely agreed. I was terrified of surgery and wanted to try every option before resulting to such drastic surgery.

Thus began my 11 months of tri-weekly physio…

In my next blog I will fous on how physio helped me enormously to cope with my situation, even if it didn’t really help with the pain or underlying issue…

As always, thanks for reading!                         – S.

Click Here For Chapter 2


4 Comments to “The Back Story, or The Diagnosis”

  1. Yes any form of back injury takes a long time to fully heal, sometimes the pain can be so excruciating that one almost faints from the pain of it and surgery, while an option is indeed very scary to undertake so I do understand what you are saying here.

    Have a delightful rest of day now my friend…


  2. Hi S,
    Just going through your blog and I noticed that the link to the about me page is broken. something to do with a wrong spelling. better check it out.


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