S. Walks! – May 11, 2011

 Yesterdays walk was a bit on the long side, but I did get some gorgeous pictures!! Hope one brings a smile to your face!

Pretty Purple Flowers! – I was really inspired by all the flowers blooming right now. I haven’tcome across any lilacs yet, but I am eagerly anticipating their arrival! I always know it is really spring when the lilacs bloom.

I loved how the light played between the petals of these flowers. Their yellow centers just pop with cheerfulness!

I love this tree.My Favourite TreeI am not positive what type of tree it is, but someone told me it is  a mulberry bush.

Whatever it is, the flower are gorgeous in their simplicity and their smell is elusive and heavenly!

Mulberry Bloom

I love the sight of tree buds, they are just so inspirational. These little buds turn into such full and green foliage!

Finally,  me and this little birdy made friends on the way home! (See Below)

I hope you enjoyed coming on my walk with me!
As always, thanks for reading!      -S.


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12 Comments to “S. Walks! – May 11, 2011”

  1. I just went back and read about you. You certainly are much farther north than I. I didn’t realize you were in Canada.

  2. Gorgeous shots… the purple flowers were beautiful! I wish I could see such wonderful scenery when I go for walks… In Aus it’s mainly non-flowering plants and trees! Very green but not exactly attention grabbing like these ones. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hello Ms. Jess!
      Thanks for coming by! I find it interesting that there isn’t alot of flora in Austrailia! I always seem to picture some lush tropical place with lots of greenery and brightly coloured flowers… Hmm… It seems that all you have to do is go down to the station to see really interesting things! (Please don’t take that the wrong way, I do understand the feelings associated with the station and how it might not be relaxing to go there and people watch. I just find it interesting that you see soooo many interesting things and people on your trains and in the station. It would make for an amusing commute on good days!)
      I just had a somewhat brilliant idea! (at least I think it is 😛 ) I have no idea what trees you have in Australia, I don’t even know if our grass is the same, or the architecture… I would love to see a little piece of your home.
      Anyways, thank so mych for the comment, I sincerely appreciate each and every one.

      • Hey S,
        Don’t worry, I don’t offend easily and that wasn’t in the slightest way offensive! A lot of people catch my train and they are from varying ends of the socio-economic spectrum, so I guess that accounts for a lot of the incidents I see. If I posted every incident I think people would wonder what type of train I catch! I think a lot of the things I notice are things that the average person could easily miss or forget about. Having a notebook on hand is quite useful in that regard! 😛
        In some parts of Australia, particularly central and the tropical regions like Queensland there is quite a lot of colourful flora and fauna. In metropolitan suburbs, where i live, it isn’t quite so interesting! When the weather stops copying England in regards to constant rain and hail, I will head out and photograph some of my surroundings for you. While it is plain and often boring, there are times in the day when it can look quite spectacular. I’ll do my best!
        Keep up the writing, I do look forward to your posts,

      • Hi Jess,
        I’d be love to see pictures, but please don’t feel obligated to take any. I think I just meant that anything you show me will be exotic and interesting because I have never seen it before! When you look at things from that context anything ordinary can be interesting, really.
        I used to ride the bus here alot. I think that is why I enjoy your in-transit stories wholeheartedly. I never thought I would miss public transit, but after a few months of not being on the bus, I find myself missing the variety. I enjoyed seeing people from every walk of life going about what they do in their day… Obviously I hate how unreliable, packed, hot and often smelly buses tend to be, but the sheer multitudes of people I saw meant that I got to know quite a few characters by sight. I can’t comfortably ride the bus, (especially when there are no seats left and no one is willing to get up for the twenty-five year old with a cane! Rant over.) all the starting and stopping and turning wreaks havoc on my back. It just isn’t stable and I can only contract my abs for so long before they start burning. So I guess I am living vicariously through your train stories! 😛
        Keep them coming! I am going to check in with your blog this afternoon, I am going to try and nap now… Haha, but you are probably sleeping already. I still think that is weird.
        Sweet Dreams!

      • It is a shame you cannot catch buses anymore! Though when you do think of the heat, body odour and uncomfortable seating, you aren’t missing out on much. Are there any busy public parks or walking tracks near you? I often go to those to tune out and enjoy seeing other people having picnics, playing with dogs etc. Might make an interesting location for a daily walk when the weather gets a bit nicer for you!
        Your most recent post has inspired me to embark on a picture journey, so I will get the photos eventually. It has been horrible here weather wise so might not be for awhile! It’s a great idea, and something I haven’t done before so I’m quite keen to give it a go to be honest 😛
        Hope your enjoying sleeping/your day hehe, take care, xo

      • Hey Jess,
        The more I think about it, the more I am more than content to live vicariously through your stories! 😛 Buses are fun when you don’t need to be anywhere, but when I want to go somewhere the only thing I can feel about busing is anxious.
        There are a couple of parks, and I have been walking through them. I just have to get my tolerance up for walking before I make the journey to the parks. I am frustrated because I want to walk, I want to improve and I keep putting myself back two steps everytime I try to take one forward. I am feeling a bit hopeless lately. My pain has increased steadily for about a week and I can’t stand the fuzziness of my head from so much pain meds.
        Complaint time over….
        I am so happy that you found some inspiration from my goal. It makes me so happy that I can do positive, albeit small, things for anyone. I sincerely look forward to seeing this picture story. I haven’t seen the post you referred to (maybe in your other comment) I haven’t been in a very good mood lately, and I really have just been lounging and trying to sleep. I think I have slept maybe eight or nine hours in the three nights. I feel like my body is ready to shut down, and I won’t even go to where my mind has been recently. Ahhh! I appear to have started to complain again, so I am going to end this particular comment. (You can see why I have been reluctant to post or comment, I am… infused with negative emotion right now… My internal vision has gone dark, and I prefer to write from light. :P)
        I hope all is well, that you had a great day and a restful sleep!

  3. Love the photos.

    At this rate not only will you be walking miles by this time next year, you’ll be a winning prizes for your photos.

    Wow – a double whammy as we say here!!

    • Haha! Thanks, Caroline. I have never claimed to be even an amateur photographer, so if I get any good shots the imsge was captred more by luck than skill! 😛 However, I am pretty fond of these images! Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a career in something I love, like this, rather than the 9-5 grind?

  4. Beautiful photos. You must be much farther north than I am. The flowers you show here are long gone for the season here.

    • Hi Pat,
      Thanks! You are right, I think I am quiet a bit further north than you. I am in Ontario, so the weather has just gotten warm enough to sustain the blooms. Here the saying “April showers bring May flowers” is actually accurate! 😛 We are lucky in that we get a long and lush springtime, but our summers are humid and there are always a couple of weeks that are just tooo hot, and our winters are blisteringly, brutally cold! If I ever left I think I would miss the absoloutely astonishing rebirth of the plants and wildlife. A lot of years it seems like the trees, grass and flowers all grow overnight! You wake up one morning and all of a sudden everything is green and alive instead of brown and decaying. It is quite the mood booster if you take the time to see it.
      Thanks for the comment, I sincerely appreciate each and everyone!
      I look forward to reading your new posts!
      oxo -S.

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