S. Walks! – Collage

Caroline commented that one of my photos would look better if I cropped it and suggested I download Picasafrom Google. I am somewhat of a PhotoShop girl, but have not been able to purchase a copy and am not happy with the online version. So when I was directed here I was a bit sceptical, but I have to say that it is a good, if basic, photo editing system One thing that gives it an edge in comparison with some other free suites I have tried that you have the ability to create albums and orginize your pics from the same place you edit them. So… I checked it out, and really can’t thank Caroline enough.

I have been playing around with Picasa  for a few days (Click here to download Picasa from Google) and while it is quite basic it does some interesting things. I was really impressed with the collage feature that allows you to upload as many photos as you’d like into one file and automatically arranges all of them into a collage style jpeg file. There are a few different options for the collage format and you can also apply all the effect available for single photos to the collage as a whole.

It has been rainy and icky here for about three days. It is not pleasant weather for picture taking, and I would hate to soak the camera so I have resisted the urge to snap on my walks. I will have a new set of photos tomorow regardless because I have been kinda grey for the last few days and I want photos to reflect me mood. (I know I said I would be positive, but his is another of those I-just-can’t-be-positive-right-now times, so I shot for ambivalent.

I promise tomorrow I will get back to the rest of my story because I really do want to finish it and it has been weighing on my mind… Caroline wrote a great post about understanding yourself (you can read it here: I am surviving!! And I’m about to “fly”!! – I wish I’d learnt all this before!) and I truly believe that the first step to understanding me is to finish my story. I have tried very hard to be honest with both myself and my readers while recounting this story and in doing so I have already learned many things about myself. I almost feel a complulsion to finish… or a least bring everyone through my turbulent first weeks so I can start blogging about my daily struggles, which I admit I already do but I would like to make it a regular thing, negative or positive as it may be. (Whoa! Run-on sentence!)

Anyways, without further ado, here are my fun collages I made using photos from”S. Walks! May 11 May 12“. I made one main collage (first image), then played around with effects (images 2-.4), crated a large one using all 111 pics from “S. Walks! – May 12”  (fifth image), and finally I made one especially for Roo (sixth image).

I hope you enjoy them!!

Soft Focus
Focus B&W
Saturation (Less)
100 Photo Collage
A Special One For Roo
*Just for you Roo!
As always, thanks for reading!                          -S.

5 Comments to “S. Walks! – Collage”

  1. I LOVE IT! I love it! Thank you…… being called away from computer … more soon. xoRoo

  2. Brilliant! Well done you. And BTW your boyfriend will come through this with you. It’s all part of your ‘journey’ together. Men want to be men and being a man and looking after you is all part of it.

    All I can suggest is talk to him about how you feel and then let him look after you. The day may come when you may have to look after him and the strength you will have gained from all this is immense.

    Hugs and courage my dear – you are doing so well.

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