S. Walks! (or Rides!) – May 16, 2011

Such a Rainy, Gloomy Day

Today was another grey, icky and rainy day. I only went for one walk today, but it was a long walk. I haven’t really been to a mall since my surgery, (I know! Almost three months!) but I went today!

I had to take the bus there, there isn’t a mall in my area. I wanted a tea steeper that holds enough leaves for a pot of tea rather than a cup and haven’t been able to find one at any of the stores I can walk to so I decided to journey further today.

Riding on the Bus

Taking the bus is not something I really enjoyed when I did it everyday and it has only fallen further out of favour since my surgery. You know how buses have a tendency to stop, go and turn too fast? Imagine feeling like your spine is pushing it’s way out of your skin every time the bus made one of these motions, or every three second or so! 😛 So, no more buses for a while. It is not worth the pain.

Close Up of my Bone China Tea Cup

Going to the mall was an exhausting but fulfilling experience. I was able to get to all the stores I wanted to, (I took more pain meds than I usually do before I left, maybe that is the trick?) and I even found a new to-go tea mug I am so happy with. I still didn’t find a bigger tea steeper, but the to-go tea mug I bought has a steeper built in that fits in both of my pots!

Three New Teas!

I also picked up three new teas: Lemon-Ginger Black, Assam  and Orange Oolong. I have developed this deep love for loose leaf tea over the last two months or so and have been sampling different types. I guess I have about 14 varieties now, but I only buy about 50gr (10-15 cups) at a time so I don’t actually have a ton of tea, just lots of variety…

My New To-Go Tea Mug

A cup of tea is one of those little pleasures that warms my heart and that I can have any and many times a day.

My Finds Today: Mug & Journal with my Fav Tea Cup

It brings momentary peace to my insides when I have those first couple of sips.

In another post I will tell you all about my tea obsession, I only  mention it because my “S. Walks!” is actually “S. Rides!” today as I didn’t go for walks and instead rode the bus to the mall. Therefore my pictures for this installment are all from the bus window, the one block walk back and what I bought!

Do you remember this tree?

Even so, I found some photos I thought were worth sharing. There is the one of the tree I snapped on May 11, 2011 (you can see it here) when the leaves were just budding, today the leaves are out! It always amazes me when I realize that the leaves are back. Canada has such extremes that sometimes it feels like if you blink you will miss a season. Maybe I just feel that way because my pain meds make me feel like I am in a daze all the time, months seem to slip by without me noticing.

I was pleasantly surprised to see my flowers coming back!

Actually, my window box from last year is a good example  of that. Last summer all my plants died because they got too much water and sun, so I never dreamed they would grow                                                                                                     again this year, but they did!

My flowers from last year returning 🙂

I am going to trim back the dead stalks and leaves soon, but I found something poetic in these pictures. I like how life is springing from the dead of yesteryear.

Not every plant re-grew. 😦

Unfortunately, not every pant re-grew. My ivy on the left has no signs of life. Oh, well! Maybe it will be therapeutic to dig out all the deadness from the window boxes.

Maybe my happiness can re-grow, or regenerate inside me in the same way the plants in my window box have begun to re-grow.

The Lilacs are Coming!

I never expected them to come back to life, just like I don’t expect myself to be happy again. Focus on the positive, S.!! Hmm… Oh yeah!! The lilacs are finally regrowing! I don’t know if you can make out the buds at the topish left of the photo on the right, but they are there!! 😀

Moving on…

My Cat Paddington

Hmm… Well, actually I guess that is almost it! Oh, one more thing! I wanted you to meet one of my cats. He is a Manx, which means he has a bob-tail and overly large rabbit-like feet. I will take another pic of all of him soon, but I thought these were cute!

Cute Kitty!

I know it is not that interesting, but I wanted to write and I didn’t want to think about all the bad stuff after the surgery so I didn’t want to continue the story. I guess I am in a bit of a better mood than I have been in the last couple of days and I don’t want to think about all my pain. Soon I will finish the story. I think I have to, it has been weighing on my mind.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed your little peek into my day. Do you enjoy reading posts like this? Should I scrap the S. Walks segment? I would love to hear your thoughts!

As always, thanks for reading!                                                                              -S.

I really do enjoy the Picasa Collage feature!


9 Comments to “S. Walks! (or Rides!) – May 16, 2011”

  1. Hello —

    I love the S. walks, or maybe you could call them adventures since you’re branching out in what you’re doing, and the photos. I think your blog rule should be what ever makes you happy :).

    I know the bus lurching wasn’t any fun, but it will get better as you heal.

    Tootles 🙂


  2. S. Walks! is a fun feature …. but the good news is, you’re the ruler of this blog, so you get to do whatever you want to do! So I vote, do it as long as you enjoy it. It’s neat to see “a day in the life” of someone living in a different country. And your montages are fun.

  3. Well done you!

    Now on the subject of tea – Now you’re talking girl!! Being British tea is VERY close to my heart!! I drink Keemun for breakfast every day and then Rooibos/Redbush tea through the day. Then of course there’s Mint tea – brilliant when you add fresh mint leaves. And mint is so easy to grow. Loose leaf tea is the total answer in all these cases. Having been to a tea plantation in Malaysia and seen what they put into teabags – I can assure you it is!!

    And by the way 3 months is NOT LONG. You are doing brilliantly. It took me nearly 6 months to learn to walk again after knee surgery about 20 years ago (the pain was horrific and I thought I’d never get there – but one does – the body needs time to heal and sort itself out).

    • Hi Caroline,
      Thanks! I think S. Walks! will stay for now. I know three months isn’t that long, but when you add it to the 13 months I had been like this before the surgery it feels like a very long time! Patience seems to be a virtue that escapes me. I really appreciate that you reminded me that it is my body that needs time to heal. Not that I have a physical weakness, but that I indeed need time to heal.
      On one of my favourite subject of tea, what is “Keemun”? That is a variety I haven’t tried. I really enjoy Lady Grey in the morning or Earl Grey, but I like the citrusy notes in the Lady. We have a tea here called “Buckingham Palace” and supposedly it is a blend of the top black teas that they serve in the palace. It was actually really good. I enjoyed that it was dark without being bitter. I used to drink coffee all day everyday, so I still feel like I need a little kick in the morning. The problem with enjoying that tea so much is that it is over $8 cdn (about 5 pounds) for 100gr, where as the Lady grey is only $4.25 (2.70 pounds) for 100gr. Do you think if I were to wire you some $ you could send me some truly British Tea??? I would absolutely love to drink some tea that actually came from Britain!! Maybe you could ship some of this Keemun??
      I agree about loose leaf being better as well. I started really enjoying tea about a year ago and would purchase the higher end bagged teas like Hyleys, but they are really pricey here. Plus I really enjoy the ritual of making tea. It really calms me for that 5-10 minutes.

      I filled out a contact form on Stephen’s website this morning, and I will let you know what he says. I don’t know if he would want to help me however, as he seems to focus largely on relationships. I guess we will see. I am also a little concerned about the price, something tells me I won’t be able to afford his services. 😦 Again, I suppose we will see. I just wanted you to know that I have finally taken that small step!

      Again, thankyou for all of your kind words and support. I can’t express how grateful I am!

      • Keemun tea is also known as China Black Tea – try googling for a local supplier because I’m sure there is one. Either that or try Kendricks.co.uk – which is where I get mine from. Redbush tea can be bought from the Redbush tea company.

        Happy to send if you find you can’t track down a cheap supplier!!

        Good luck with Stephen.


      • Hey there,
        I just realized while surfing around the RedBush site that we enjoy the same tea! I don’t know why I didn’t realize that red bush is Roobios. I love this vanilla roobios I found and drink it after 3pm. Also, I haven’t found Keemun at either of the places I shop for tea, and Kendricks won’t ship to Canada, but I have bought some Assam, is this similar?
        p.s. your email is in the works! 😀

  4. NO! Don’t scrap the S Walks posts. I love them. Your photos show me who you are.

    I want you to know that if you walked around the mall you got in lots of walking. I wear a pedometer every day and try to make sure I take at least 10,000 steps a day. If I’m having a slow day, step-wise, I get in the car and drive to the mall and shop around my favorite stores. I don’t always buy. But I’m always pleased to see that I have taken several thousand steps while I’m there.

    So…that was quite an outing. Congratulations.

    • Thanks, Pat!! Let me tell you, walking around the mall was definitely lots of walking, way more walking than I usually do. My body is screaming at me today, and I barley slept last night so this morning I had to take a handful of pain meds and I passed out for three hours. But now I feel achy, my head hurts and I am soo groggy! It is so frustrating that I just wanted to pick up a couple of things and it was still too much for my broken body. (I promise that will be the only complaint in this reply! 😛 ) Bah!!
      I am probably going to have to use malls to walk around during the winter! You show more restraint that I have in me, however, as I don’t think I could walk around my favourite stores and not want to buy anything! In fact, that is one of my traits I would like to eradicate. I really don’t like my impulses to buy, buy, buy. I wish I could break out of the consumerist attitude I have been raised with. I guess that identifying an issue you want to change is the first step in changing.. Maybe I am making progress!?
      Thanks for the congrats, it was quite an outing!!! 😀

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