I know, I know. Everytime I post I say I should really post more often. I really enjoy writing and reading others, so why am I so infrequent and erratic with my posts? I have no answer, just a musing and a heart felt apology to those who look out for new posts. Each and every one of you are an inspiration and truly have beautiful souls. Thanks again, ladies. (& D. if you still come by!! 😀 )

On to this very short post!

I wanted to share some good news for once! Tomorrow we are driving to Niagara falls for a mini-vacation and my best friends wedding. I am not sure how my back will hold up with the long car ride… So I am a bit anxious. But overall, excitement has crept in and I never saw it coming.

C. and I need this time. We need time that is stress free and void of any complaints. And I think we deserve it as well.  Here’s hoping that the world is indeed a fair place! haha!

As always thanks for reading!                              – S.


5 Comments to “Fun!”

  1. Enjoy your trip and have a great time!

  2. Enjoy your mini vacation; you do deserve it! May it be pain and stress free.

  3. oh wow, have a good trip away! I hope your back holds up! 🙂
    Julia @ Retro Jules

  4. Wonderful! Relax and enjoy.

  5. BRILLIANT!!! Have a wonderful time. Enjoy every minute. Relax and chill out.
    Glad to see you writing again. I look forward to hearing how it went and seeing some photos.


    Well done you


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