Back Surgery Number Three

I need a third surgery.  Four and a half years after my initial injury, I need surgery again. Right now, I don’t know what will be done but I am heading in for a CT scan this Friday and will see my surgeon a week after that. I found a growth on my spine that has been causing a lot of pain and is excruciating to have pressure on it. It could be bone, or cartilage, but either way I’ll have to get it removed.
If that happens the recovery is fairly straight forward, just painful.
There are s few other options, but none are as noninvasive as removing a spur.
It’s my 29th birthday tomorrow. It’s my fourth birthday injured.

As always, thanks for reading! – S.


9 Comments to “Back Surgery Number Three”

  1. Hello.This is my first visit.Just reaching out for info and support.I had what I would call a failed surgery on my lumbar spine.L5S1 discectomy.My injury occurred at work ,and I am receiving workers compensation. I am One year post op and have almost the same level of pain I had pre surgery,I have neuropathy in both legs,and bladder dysfunction. Am taking dilaudid for pain,which barely works.I am starting to lose hope now..was sent to pain clinic,and they want to do facet joint injections and send me back to work.I can’t sit for more than ten minutes,or stand for ten minutes. Can only walk short distance,with a cane..Any comments /feedback would be appreciated!
    Thanks,and good luck with your next surgery!

    • Hey there… I’m sorry I don’t have much to offer. One thing that has always been important for me is to maintain a fitness routine. Have you been to physio? Please feel free to email me. I’ve defiantly been where you describe. Hopeless, in pain always, and defeated. Hold onto the shreds of hope you still have and it can carry you through. When that fails, hopefully you have someone who’s able to carry your hope for you and remind you often there are still things to hope for. Mourn your old life, but don’t limit yourself and don’t give up. I’m here if you want someone to talk to who understands.
      Hope its a good day for you.

    • Hey, don’t give up. Go talk to your surgeon again. The nerve pain is something to look into. Unfortunately, even now when your at your lowest and in pain, no one else will fight for your health. And don’t let WSIB bully you. You have the right to appeal any decision. On Facebook there’s a great support group : fbss failed back surgery syndrome support group… It’s a really supportive space. Contact me anytime gettingtheremyway

    • You sound so much like me Ive had lumbar low back pain for almost 2 years now. I’ll be having surgery soon. I’m looking forward to a positive outcome. At this time they can only give me pain pills for my other conditions. I wish the best for you.

      • Hey Charlene,

        I wish the best for you with your back issues. I’ve tried hard not to write this as a story of doom, sometimes it comes off like that. Keep in mind this is my experience, and everyone’s is different. When you search for information, be careful that you don’t only read horror stories. 70% of the people who have spinal fusions are helped and in some cases completely free of pain, but they are out living their lives, not propped up in bed blogging. The 30% who’s fusions failed tend to have a lot more time on their hands.
        – S.

  2. Sending you nothing but the best of wishes.

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