S. Walks!

I have been searching for another person who has blogged about spinal surgery. Finally, I found one and in desperation left a comment on the blog even though there had been no activity for  months. I got a reply! In the reply I got a wealth of support, encouragement and advice, far beyond what I had been expected.

I still can’t thank you enough, TitaniumBabe!!

One of the best pieces of advice, at least to me, was to try to discover new passions, which I have been passively doing for a couple months. But TitaniumBabe gave me active, practical and useful advice; she listed numerous activities I could do!! I have been focusing on all the things I can’t do, all the things I used to love doing that I am physically unable to, instead of all the things I can discover new passion for.  

One of her suggestiongs involved my daily walks. Because I am recovering from back surgery, I am unable to excercise in any traditional sense of the word. In fact, the only ‘excercise’ I can engage in on a regular basis is walking. Even the relatively mundane activity of walking tires me out and often increases the pain, if I overdo it. However, if I walk just the right amount I actually feel better when I finish. Currently I am limited to twenty to twenty five minutes, three times a day. While I do enjoy getting outside, I was starting to get bored with the same walk everyday… TitaniumBabes adivce may seem simple to some, but it did not occur to me that such a small change could actually make walking much more enjoyable. She told me to take pictures while I walk, and she advised me to do it purely for my own enjoyment!

It is really interesting what you notice about your neighbourhood when you are looking at the minutae rather than just glazing over everything. The same flower can be captivating at each stage of it’s life cylce, the journey from bud to flower to slumber now forever immortalized in my concious memories and in the picutres I took.  Even the simple and organic act of trees growing leaves is beatiful when looked at up close! The colour matching of a window box and the painted brick below it becomes art when you stop to look.

So my walks have become much more than walking. They have opened me up to the world of beauty that is right out side my door. Soothing for my body, and soothing for my mind.

I have decided to share some of my images with you. Hopefully you find some beauty in these pictures, and don’t forget to slow down and look around sometimes. Don’t let it take an injury for you to be able to see the beauty in the ordinary, you will  miss out on so much.

As always, thanks for reading!                     –S.

Titaniumbabe, click here next! 😀


8 Comments to “S. Walks!”

  1. Great post! I think a lot of us forget to slow down and appreciate the little things in life. Often they are quite huge and remarkable – like the process of growth for a flower- but we don’t realise until we actively stop and observe. Weather is still terrible here so I am yet to embark on a walk like yours… I am looking forward to it more and more with every one of your posts that I read. I’m sure your photography skills are improving too.. red flower above is gorgeous! x

    • Hey Jess,

      Thanks! The weather has been horrendous here as well. I think this is the fifth or sixth gray, rainy day in a row. I hate weather like this, it makes me feel gray too. I am looking forward to seeing these pics!
      Oh and BTW, I have been following your “live below the poverty line challenge” and I can’t express how much I am impressed by your ability to follow through with it! Kudos! I have a bit of a problem with my follow trough! 😛
      I hope all is well and thanks for taking the time to comment!

  2. S. Oh, S. I’ve just FINALLY made time to read your blog…..from start to present. I’m so happy you’re writing and sharing your experiences with the world. I have no doubt your words will help scores of people, myself included. How inspiring the way you’ve chosen such a positive outlook; it’s not sugary sweet, it’s honest, strong and determined. You are giving a gift each time you post.

    I love this “S. Walks!” idea….. I’m really glad you’re able to get outside.

    It fascinates me how our challenges are so different, yet our recoveries have some parallels. I started “Project 365” (taking one photo every day of the year and posting it somewhere, I chose flickr.com) about a week before I heard my dear friend died. Taking and posting one photo each day was the one thing I continued doing on days when I stopped doing everything else. Also, my walks have become my sanctuary. I, too, snap all sorts of pics while exploring the neighborhood …including my “G” collection. I had never been a “nature fan” – but you’re so right – there is so much beauty outside….and it’s always transforming. So many uplifting lessons. Thank you!

    • Hey Roo, (can I call you Roo?)
      I really don’t know what to say, other than thank you. Your comment formed a lump in my throat and caused tears to well up. I struggled to contain my tears (Which I am getting better at, I have been trying to gain control over my run-a-way feelings, but still have way too many moments when the tears flow freely) and managed not to let them spill over. Your comment really touched me. I suppose that is enough said.

      I too find it fascinating that I could truly empathize with and understand parts of your challenge. They are different, but fundementally we are both mourning the loss of something incredibly important that was ripped away from us with no warning or reason.
      I can’t say I am a huge nature fan, but I do think flowers are awefully pretty. Actually all these pics have been taken while walking on streets downtown a large city. Granted, it is a city with a lot of green space, but all of these pics are of different people’s gardens. I feel like I am stealing pictures when I take snap someone else’s flowers, but I have been assured that as long as I don’t disturb or pick anything, gardners usually find it flattering that you want to snap their plants.
      I am really interested in seeing your “Project 365” if you are up for sharing. I saw the posts on the subject but would like to see the other photos too. Could you email me the link to your flikr album? I think your collection of G’s and R’s is coming along… It is truly a work of art when you arrange them together as you have in one of your recent posts.
      I hope today has been a good day, and should you have the motivation, desire and time I would still love an email from you. But only if those three elements are present! 😛
      Thanks again!

      • (I typed a whole reply last night from my iPhone and it refused to post – so frustrating! So, here I am again.)

        Yes! I’m looking forward to our email correspondence and am so grateful for your interest. It makes me happy to remember the things you asked about….this weekend for sure.

        My Proj. 365 is accessible on the right hand side bar of my blog … but here’s a link, too…. http://www.flickr.com/photos/21550440@N08/sets/72157625644026531/
        I recommend flickr because it’s so easy – and it has cropping & border tools as well.

        What camera are you using? Your pics are really beautiful. I’ve been lazily using my iPhone. I don’t consider myself a photographer as much as a picture taker. 🙂

        I thought of you last night as I wandered around for a half an hour walking/snapping and found a lot of really good Gs for my collection. Simple pleasures. I’m shooting in a city as well, Los Angeles; I agree with you – it is AMAZING how many beautiful plants there are when we take the time to notice.

        My best friend has called me Roo for over 25 years (yeah, I know, I’m a teenager trapped in the body of a …nevermind) …. All this to say, I consider your impulse to use the nickname delightful. Thanks, S.

        Oh – I meant to say – I really like the new wordpress theme you’ve chosen.

      • Hi Ms. Roo, (I am so thrilled that I can write that! 🙂 )
        I checked out your flikr 365… I watched it as a slideshow and you photos tell a hauntingly beatiful story. It is almost like you can feel what you were feeling when you snapped the photo. You may not call yourself a photographer, but the rst of the world may label you as such. You have a great eye for composition and I like the filters you have applied during editing.
        The camera I use is a Kodak point and shoot. My boyfriends dad is a professional photographer, so we have the pleasure of getting to use his older cameras. It is a pleasure to go out with a camera that has such clear focus and the ability to zoom in and not pixelate. I am amazed that your iphone has the ability to take photos that look that good. I was under the impression that one of the complaints about the iphone was the quality of the camera? I think you are fortunate to always have your camera on you. There have been times over the last few days (it has been raining and I don’t want to soak the camera) when I have been walking that I saw something I wanted to snap so bad, but no camera!
        I will be ecstatic whenever you find the time to respond. I was just gently cajoling more than acutally being like, “you haven’t emailed me back”… I guess I was jst looking forward to reading another email from you. I find it incredibly intersting that I feel like you are a kindered spirit. I feel like I have found someone I could be good friends with.
        I am off to brunch, but I will continue this message upon my return! 😀

  3. My life coach has written this week about small steps to achieve a greater goal. Worth reading!

    I find I can walk much further if I have a ‘reason’ to do so – like taking photos or birdwatching! Gives the whole thing much more enjoyment and – in a way – takes one’s mind of the ‘activity’ of exercise!!


    • Hi Caroline,
      Today is the day I pursue some of your coaches blog! I am abashed to admit that I have yet to access this resource, I have been kind of stuck in my head recently. Can I let you know what I think or if I have any questions?
      I have never really mind excercising. In fact one of the worst parts of this whole thing has to be losing all my muscle tone. I was in physio for 11 months before I had surgery and I was more toned and happier with my body image than I had been in my entire adult life. I have gained somewhere in the area of 10-15 lbs since the operation, which may not seem like a lot, but on a five foot frame it means that my pants fit snugger than is comfortable… I wear jogging, pyjama or yoga pants all the time now! lol So I am really excited to get back to real, sweat-provoking excercise. However, I have always enjoyed pleasure walks and being in nature generally. My walks were becoming monotonous though, because I am limited in the distance I can walk, I was walking the same streets over and over again. Now I see these same streets with a different perspective and one that allows me to witness the daily changes that are so miraculous!
      Thanks for coming by, and thanks for commenting. I sincerely appreciate each and everyone. It gives me a reason to crawl out of bed in the morning. 😛 I am always excited to see if someone has left a new commented, or posted something new! I look forward to reading your new posts! 😀

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